Scroll completion:
I need the following CBs to complete my scroll goals:
-Vampire (85m/81f)
Extremely Rares
-Neglected (3m/5f/5 without gender/1u)
-Pumpkin (3m/4f/1u)
-Black Marrow (1m/3f/1u)
-Shadow Walker (1m/1f/1u)
-Cavern Lurker (1m/1f/1u)
-Grave (1m/1f/1u)
-Caligene (1m/1f/1u)
-Witchlight (1f/1u)
-Omen Wyrm (1m/1f/1u)
-Holly (2)
-Yulebuck (2)
-Snowangel (1)

Project completion:
I need the following to complete my various projects:
-Male Alt Black with dead parents (not zombies)
-CB Deepseas (a lot of them)
-2gen Gold Tinsel from male/female Tinsel
-2gen Silver Tinsel from female Tinsel
-2gen Gold Shimmer from male/female Shimmer
-2gen Silver Shimmer from female Shimmer

Other wishes:
Other things I'd like to have, no less important than the others:
-2gen white with alt parent

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